Welcome to our Fun Frozen World

Hi, we are Tipsy Penguin

This is our story.

On a scorching summer day on the Mediterranean, co-founders Vincent and Jason were debating whether to have a cocktail or a popsicle.

And right there, the unique idea of Tipsy Penguin was born! 

Combining two of the best treats in the world.

The name came out after a visit to the zoo. That penguin was walking funny, like it had a few drinks. The joke stuck and is a pretty good name. And everyone LOVES penguins (well, we do at least!).

It took a few years to perfect the recipes, and the company was launched in 2017, and ready to offer the world of great adults-only popsicles.

Within a year, Tipsy Penguin achieved presence in Spain, Gibraltar, France, Belgium, Estonia and Romania.

We are super excited about the future, and we hope you join us on our journey.

Vincent & Jason