organic goat milk gelatos

Like the sound of traditional gelatos with a twist? So do we!

That's why we have created the first organic goat milk gelatos.

They come in 3 flavours, and contain a lot of fun outside and inside!

you goat to try it!

vanille pott.PNG

Bourbon Vanilla

Straight outta Madagascar! 

Our custard is left to rest for 12 hours to obtain the best flavour.

Rich Chocolate

It's Easter everyday with arctic100.

We do real chocolate gelatos, that means that we don't use cocoa powder but we melt real chocolate and add it to our mixture.

choco pot.PNG
pistache pot.PNG


Nuts about pistachios? We are!

We only used organic Italian pistachios and roasted almonds for this delicious gelato.

Did you know?

Goat milk is low in lactose and easier to digest than cow milk.

No wonder kids love it!